wedding2Weddings at Crenshaw Christian Center

It is the bride’s family who sets the size and style of the wedding, according to the wishes of the bride herself, unless these seem totally unreasonable. No family should go into debt over an extravagant wedding not in keeping with their daily life style.

There are relatively few “musts” in planning your wedding today, but I believe strongly that there was never a successful wedding that did not contain at least a momentary understanding of the importance, seriousness, and solemnity surrounding the joining of two people in the eyes of God. It is a time for respecting tradition and sacred institutions, not for making a mockery of them. It should not be an occasion for merely attracting publicity or for breaking records for being amusing, daring or outrageous.”

Taken from: The Amy Vanderbilt Complete Book of Etiquette by Letitia Baldrige.

Crenshaw Christian Center offers two types of wedding ceremonies:

Office ceremonies are available to CCC members and to Television viewers.

Formal on-site ceremonies are available to CCC members only.

Weddings should be planned at least four (4) months in advance, starting with the selection of a first and second choice dates and by selecting a pastor. Members and T.V. viewers can contact the Wedding Coordinator at CCC, for questions you may have concerning your wedding plans. The Church Office Hours are Monday through Friday, 8:30am to 4:30pm.