Crenshaw Christian Center Care Ministry

If you are someone you know are facing…
– Long-term unresolved challenges in marriage
– Going through or recovering from divorce
– Grieving the loss of a loved one
– Coping with the many challenges of single parenting

– Next 13 week module for Care Ministry which includes Divorce Care, Divorce Care for Kids, Grief Recovery, and Single Parenting, begins Wednesday, August 13 from 6:00 to 8:30
– Support groups are free with $20.00 workbook fee.
– Members of this church is not required to participate
– Child Care not provided

We want to HELP you! Through our Care Ministry we offer five support groups to help you through the process when faced with either of the potentially life altering crisis. You do not have to be a member of this local church in order to take advantage of these Care Ministries however, it is necessary that you are in proximity to attend each session in person.

This five session meeting is designed as a tool to help “stop the train.” It will help couples cut through the deep emotion and hurt to paint a realistic, stark picture of what they can expect if they move or continue toward divorce. It becomes a “reality check” that will help keep families together if at all possible. Couples will see that the pain and trauma of divorce are often much worse than the difficulties they presently face in the marriage. Both husband and wife must commit to attend these sessions, (even if in a separated state) which are facilitated by an experienced minister or pastor.

Divorce Care
This is a support group that meets weekly for fourteen weeks addressing a different aspect of divorce each week. The small groups are facilitated by people who have been through divorce and have successfully rebuilt their lives. You will find it to be warm, caring, and confidential environment and will come to see your group as an “oasis” in an otherwise difficult and sometimes isolated season of your life. The most common feed back from those who have experienced the Divorce Care support group is that “… it gave me hope and tools to move on.”

Divorce Care for Kids (DC4K)
This is a biblically based, Christ-centered ministry tool designed to bring healing to children of divorce. It points them to God and introduces them to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. It is a 14 week program designed to run concurrently with the adult Divorce Care program we offer. It is geared to introduce children to the grieving process that is brought on by the death of their once-intact family life. The target age is 5 through 12 years old. The instructions are presented in a fun and engaging atmosphere with inspiring materials.

This is a support group that offers biblical teaching on grief and recovery topics. It is designed for those grieving the loss of someone close. If you have lost a spouse, child, family member or friend, you’ve probably found that there are not many people who understand the deep hurt you feel. You will have the opportunity to interact with others who have experienced a loss, as the sessions are led by people who understand what you are experiencing and want to offer you comfort and encouragement during this difficult time.

This is a support group that features refreshing biblical teaching on topics important to single parents. There aren’t too many people who understand the unique challenges you face. You deeply desire to do what’s best for your kids, and you worry that you aren’t. Sometimes you may feel it is all you can do to survive from day to day. These weekly fourteen week sessions offer effective parenting strategies, encouragement and insights on how to find rest and hope as a parent alone. You will hear from leading authors, counselors, speakers and pastors with years of expertise in helping single parents.

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