12093472_1669724473314745_2087712289_nThe Pastoral Division, its staff of volunteers, employed ministers and elders assist in the fulfillment of the overall founding vision and the mission of Crenshaw Christian Center established by Pastor Frederick K. Price, Jr. We exist to:

  • Live Christ
  • Love People
  • Teach People

The primary focus in Pastoral is two-fold:

  1. Undergird and assist the Pastor in the day to day fulfilling of the mission.
  2. Serve the parishioners as facilitators presenting resources and services that address more specifically their personal needs.

These resources and services are designed to reinforce the Biblical teachings primarily taught by the Founder, Apostle Frederick K. C. Price and Pastor Frederick K. Price, Jr, or other Ministerial staff, in weekly worship services, bible studies, and various trainings.

Below is a list of services facilitated by the Pastor or the Ministerial staff at Crenshaw Christian Center. While our primary intent is to provide and serve those who are members or partners with us, we also extend what we offer beyond our walls to our surrounding and cyber communities as an outreach. Jesus’ commandment in Acts 1:8 to those who were the catalyst for starting the dispensation of the first Church was that they would be witnesses in Jerusalem, (at home) and Samaria, (extended community) and to the ends of the earth. With a little innovation, technology, and most of all the leading of the Holy Spirit, Crenshaw Christian Center is poised to carry-out the call!

Care Ministry

  • Grief Share Support Group
  • Biblical Counseling in-office or via phone
  • Personal Prayer in-office of via phone

Sacerdotal Ministry

  • Home/Hospital Visitation, convalescent for Sick/Shut-in
  • Home and business dedication
  • Weddings
  • Memorial Services (includes pre and post memorial visitation)
  • (Communion by request)

Church Services

  • Sunday Worship Service
  • New Members Classes
  • Weekly Bible Study
  • Weekly Intercessory Prayer Group
  • Baptismal
  • Communion

Outreach Ministry

  • Social Media inquiries/counseling (email and Facebook)
  • Correctional Care (Inmate counseling/jail visitation for members only)
  • Highways and Byways (community evangelism)

Teen Ministry

  • Young Adult/College Ministry
  • Weekly Worship Service
  • Weekly Bible Study
  • Leadership Training
  • Special Activities and Programs
  • Biblical Counseling in-office (Youth and parents)
  • Biblical Counseling phone (Parents)
  • Communion

Children’s Ministry

  • Weekly Worship Service
  • Weekly Children’s Service
  • Special Outreaches and Activities
  • Biblical Counseling in-office (Parents and children)
  • Biblical Counseling phone (Parents)
  • Communion

If you or someone you know would like to take advantage of any of the services we provide at Crenshaw Christian Center’s Pastoral Division or have questions regarding the information provided, please contact us at
Phone: (323) 758-3777 ext. 4219
Email: pastors@faithdome.org