The mission of the Music Department is to lead the congregation of Crenshaw Christian Center in praise and worship of God the Father and our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. It is also the mission of CCC Music Department to present the highest level of excellence in music that is attainable. This level of excellence is required of every member of CCC’s Music Ministry. This committment to excellence is not limited to musical skill and talent, but is also required to be apparent in their overall Christian walk. Every member of CCC’s Music Ministry is considered a worship leader and as such’ must conduct him or herself as a true Christian leader.

It is furthermore the goal of the Music Department to never compromise the integrity of this Ministry by presenting musical presentations that are substandard, ungodly or worldly in nature. Finally, it is the goal and objective of this Music Department to strive to achieve musical excellence through the same kind of love, compassion, faithfulness, strength, truthfulness, self-control, patience, and motivation for service displayed by our Great Example Setter, Jesus Christ.

Department Overview
Crenshaw Christian Center’s Music Department consists of the following musical units:

Sanctuary Voices ministers each Sunday morning during the worship service. The Sanctuary Voices rehearses on Thursdays from 7pm to 9pm. This choir is capable of ministering both modern and contemporary music as well as traditional anthems. The ability to read music is preferred, but not a must.

The King’s Kids choir consists of our little worshippers between the ages of 6-11 years of age. They primarily sing songs that are designed to develop their understanding of what it means to worship God. They minister in Children’s Church and in me FaithDome when scheduled.

This band is assigned to the Youth Department to assist the Youth Ministry in the area of praise and worship. They minister on Sunday mornings in Youth services. This band is open to youth that are skilled on their instrument.

This band ministers in the FaithDome on Sunday mornings. Members are expected to be able to read music. Membership is by invitation and audition. Qualified and interested persons should apply directly to the Director of Music.

The Praise & Worship Ensemble consists of CCC’s Music Ministry worship leaders who are recognized as having received the calling of God to minister in music. This group of leaders have developed a relationship with God as true worshippers. They are also skilled singers and musicians. Admittance to this group is by invitation and audition. Those interested in becoming a worship ensemble member should apply directly to the Director of Music.

These individuals provide ministry as soloists or special guests at various events. Instrumentalists, as well as singers, comprise this group. If you are a musician or a singer that would like to minister as an individual, you must apply directly to the Director of Music.

It is the intent of this Department to have open enrollment. We will always be sensitive to the leading of the Spirit of God concerning persons that He has sent to join Crenshaw Christian Center’s Music Ministry. However, there are limitations to the size of certain groups.

The Music Resource Center provides material for choral directors to use in selecting the music for their various choirs or ensembles. It is also a source for reviewing and selecting songs that individual special music ministers may need. In addition to being a resource for songs, it is also a learning center to help individuals reach a level of excellence by providing teaching material on every level of need and interest.

If you are interested in becoming a participant in the Music Ministry please call 1-323-758-3777 Ext. 4231 for more information.