Hello, and welcome to Crenshaw Christian Center’s Foreign Missions Ministry. I salute you in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! Your visit here says to us that you are someone who is interested in the thing that gives our Heavenly Father the greatest joy! and that is the “souls” of men! As we study the accounts in each of the Gospels leading up to Jesus’ crucifixion, we see that his final charge to His disciples was the same! go and tell someone else, make disciples of men, tell them forgiveness is available… In essence He was saying, give them what I have given to you! Centuries later we (the Church) have identified “Missions” as the act of obeying the Lord’s wishes, and it is a good thing.

Here at Crenshaw Christian Center, we are aggressively expanding the Lord’s mandate, for believers to reach the nations of the world with His liberating Gospel. Over the past 30 years the Lord has used Pastor Frederick K.C. Price, to instruct and equip a people who would assume their responsibility to “support” and “do” the work of the ministry. Obviously the known world at the time Christ gave this commission, was a much smaller territorial task than what we know the world to be today. This is a big world with even bigger obstacles that are preventing individuals from hearing, believing and receiving God’s gift of true life. Therefore, having sought the Lord for the specific assignment for this local body, we are well focused on these targeted areas of service.

Contact: Crenshaw Christian Center Missions Department – (323) 758-3777