Question: I have a strong immune system. Why should I get the vaccine?

Answer: Your immune system is not equipped with the antibody against the spike protein. In addition, when a person is exposed to Covid without the vaccine anywhere from 10,000 to 10,000,000 cells are infected with the Covid virus. Once infected with the Covid virus, your body is used by Covid to reproduce itself, even when your immune system is working to generate antibodies against Covid.

Question: How does the vaccine affect a woman’s ability to get pregnant and have a healthy baby?

Answer: The vaccine does not cause infertility. Many women got pregnant after getting the vaccine.

Question: What if you took the vaccine and had an allergic reaction which required epi-pen. CDC advises not to get second shot, so what should I do for second dose?

Answer: Just like any allergic reaction, avoid getting the second shot. It’s a true allergy for you.

Question: I have a family member who struggles with high A1C of 13. Should I recommend he get the vaccine? He is currently under care and working on getting it down with diet and exercise.

Answer: Yes, he has diabetes. He absolutely needs the vaccine’s antibody protection.

Question: Should people first have their antibodies tested before getting covid vaccination?Answer: No. They’ll never have the spike protein antibody until they get the vaccine.

Question: Is the vaccine the beginning of the new world order and the mark of the beast?

Answer: No. It has nothing to do with the mark of the beast. The vaccine is helping to save lives. Jesus said,“I came that they might have life and have it more abundantly.” Satan comes to kill, still, and destroy. The mRNA vaccine is a new way of treating viruses and will be able to treat other diseases, such as cancer. When television first came out, many believed that television was from the enemy. However, television and media is a powerful tool for spreading the Gospel of Christ. Vaccines have been developed as a method to fight disease, and it has been proven to be effective.

Question: Are there effects on the youth to get the vaccine, there is a lot of information that the vaccine uses doses of sterilization in it?

Answer: No. It does not cause sterilization, nor has any sterilizing components.

Question: I’ve already been vaccinated, so I’d like to hear about what impact the new variants have on those like myself?

Answer: You should have antibody against the variants, as they all have the spike proteins.

Question: According to the manufacturer’s vaccine package inserts, the COVID-19 vaccine is an experimental drug that has not been tested for safety or efficacy in pregnant women or the baby. Why would doctors recommend a pregnant woman to get this shot with ingredients (modified mRNA, PEG, lipo nanoparticles), some never tested on humans, when there is no safety data/no science as to determine how it will affect her and her unborn baby?

Answer: The vaccine has been proven to protect both mom and baby from Covid.

Question: Why would you need the vaccine if you have already had COVID?

Answer: Your immune response to Covid illness is weaker than that of the spike protein. In addition, you want to protect your body as much as possible against Covid and the variants. When you have a cold, you drink more than one glass of orange juice, because you are fighting the cold. In the same manner, taking the vaccine, even though you have had Covid, is to build up your immune system. As stated earlier, anywhere from 10,000 to 10,000,000 of your cells were infected from Covid. You want to build up your immune system and allow it to fight against the variants.

Question: Can you address the issue of the mRNA duplicating itself and attacking our immune system, some type of protein?

Answer: There is no evidence of the vaccine attacking our immune system.The mRNA vaccine uses your cells to generate spiked proteins, which allows your immune system to generate antibodies to attack Covid in the blood stream. In addition, the mRNA vaccine stimulates your immune system to generate what are called T helper and T killer cells that recognize the Covid virus that has invaded your own cells. It kills those cells that are infected with Covid. Your immune system tries to do the same thing, but it has anywhere from 10,000 to 10,000,000 cells to fight against, as the Covid is rapidly replicating in your body. The delta variant is causing more symptoms then the original Covid and is impacting children and younger adults. This is because your body is having to deal with a massive number of Covid viruses that have been reproduced in your body, if you have not been vaccinated. If you have been vaccinated, this degree of infection does not occur in your body, even with the delta variant. This explains why the unvaccinated are getting sick compared to the vaccinated. An 80 year old vaccinated person has a better immune response to the delta variant then a 40 year old unvaccinated person.

Question: I have allergies and am apprehensive because my Doctor stated all these vaccines are experimental and until it’s administered, they have to watch my reaction.

Answer: You should still get the vaccine, with an Epi-Pen on standby-usually not needed.

Question: How close are they to developing a CURE to Covid-19?

Answer: A cure has not been discovered yet. That’s why the vaccine is so critical.

Question: Please cover the mRNA and the spike protein and their effect on our immune system.

Answer: The mRNA codes for the spike protein, to which our immune system makes antibodies. The spike proteins are that portion of the Covid that shows up on your cells infected with the Covid virus, and that is recognized by your immune system, as it circulates through your blood stream. These spike proteins help to generate the antibodies and your immune cells to attack the Covid virus in your blood that have invaded your cells. When a person is vaccinated, their immune system is primed and prevents the Covid virus from having widespread effect in their body.

Question: Why do we have to sign a waiver when you get the vaccine?

Answer: The waiver is the authorization to administer the vaccine.

Question: When will the vaccine be fully approved by the FDA?

Answer: As soon as the shelf-life is determined. As you likely know, since the date of our symposium, the Pfizer vaccine has received full approval by the FDA.

Question: Which vaccine should we take?

Answer: Pfizer or Moderna.

Question: The studies have shown the vaccine is developed with the use of fetus’ cell lines

from aborted babies.

Answer: There are no fetal tissues in the vaccine. Both Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are generated from the genetic code of the spike protein from Covid. These vaccines do not need fetal cell lines or fetal tissue to produce the vaccine from beginning to end. The vaccines do not contain any fetal tissue. Cell lines are tissues that have been preserved and used for diagnostic and treatment development. A good example of this is in cancer research that uses cancer cell lines from people with cancer. One must realize that with today’s gene technology, the cell lines for diagnosis and treatment are not needed in the same capacity. But these vaccines did not need fetal cell lines or fetal tissue to develop, test, and reproduce the vaccines. The vaccines of the future will also not require fetal tissues or cell lines. In addition, you can Google this very information for yourself.

Question: Does the vaccine affect one’s autoimmune system or cause blood clots — what is genetic material?

Answer: No, it does not cause blood clots. Genetic material is the mRNA from the Covid virus.

Question: Please discuss the VAERS vaccine adverse event reporting system, that discuss heart problems, thrombosis TTS, myocarditis, anaphylaxis.

Answer: VAERS is the system to report side effects of vaccines.

Question: Please clarify CDC website things to know: What they are still learning. How long COVID-19 protects people, how effective the vaccines are against variants of the virus that cause COVID 19… so if the CDC is still learning how can they say it’s effective against the Delta variant?

Answer: The sheer numbers of vaccinated vs. unvaccinated in the hospital says the difference.

Question: How effective is the Johnson & Johnson vaccine?

Answer: Johnson & Johnson now needs a second dose.

Question: Since the mRNA is a new type of vaccine, how do we know the long-term effects of the vaccine? Regardless of how much we speak about taking the vaccine or not. The bigger issue for me is FORCING people to take it! I will lose my job of 21 years because of my decision not to take it. There’s something very wrong with this. I hope we have an opposition of opinions. There is no one blanket cure for EVERYONE. Thank you for addressing this important subject.

Answer: We know the vaccine is protecting a lot of people from Covid. This will not be the last pandemic that our country or world will face. In the United States, no one can take the vaccine and give it to you against your will. They cannot hold you down and inject you with the vaccine. However, people have the right to be protected. It clearly shows that the virus spreads in an unvaccinated population versus a vaccinated population. Hospitals, businesses, airlines, schools, and entertainment industries want an environment that is maximally protected against the Covid virus. A hospital wants to protect its patients and workers from Covid, and this is why they have mandated at some hospitals that all its employees are vaccinated. People have the right not to be vaccinated, but people who are vaccinated have the right to be protected in public places. The majority of hospitals are now full with unvaccinated people in which their rights were respected not to take the vaccine. Operations have been put on hold for respecting the right of unvaccinated individuals. But there has to be a balance in which the rights of people who have been vaccinated be protected. They cannot mandate that you take the vaccine, but they can mandate that if you are going to work somewhere or go to some public places, then you have to be vaccinated to prevent people from getting infected. There is a balance between those who choose not to be vaccinated and the rights of people being kept safe from Covid as much as possible. If people are strongly against the vaccine, then in some cases they will leave their place of employment. But, if you look at how the vaccine works and how the Covid virus works on the cellular level, you will realize that the Covid virus is much worse for your body than the vaccine. This is why so much time was stressed on how the Covid virus works in comparison to the vaccine.

Question: My very good friend’s daughter got married in April. He had prayed for this day to come so that he could walk his daughter down the aisle. Two days before the wedding he took the vaccine and ended up in ICU fighting for his life. Now in August, he is still in rehab not totally healed. How do you explain that?

Answer: He was probably dehydrated when he got the vaccine. In addition, look at the side effects of the vaccine and the side effects of the Covid virus. Look at the overall impact of Covid and the overall impact of the vaccine. It is clear that the morbidity and mortality of Covid far exceeds the vaccine. In addition, if people were ending up on the ventilator and in ICUs after getting the vaccine, it would not continue. Look at all the millions of people who have gotten the vaccine- they’re not ending up on the ventilator and in the ICU. That is not being seen after people get the vaccine. Yes, there may be a rare event that occurs and that can happen with any medication or any diagnostic test or treatment being performed. But, these events are rare. What is common is the countless number of patients that have been impacted by the Covid virus. We pray your friend has a full recovery. Our focus needs to be on the destruction that the Covid virus has caused and not against the vaccine, which is making a difference with the pandemic. One mistake we are making as a country is turning our attention away from the Covid virus and how to stop it, and fighting rather over masks, the vaccine, and social distancing. The Covid virus will continue to do what we allow it to do. We don’t believe anyone can doubt the devastation seen with the Covid virus. Our discussion should be on how to end the Covid pandemic. Our thoughts, intelligence, and fight should be against what is the real problem-that is, the Covid virus.

Question: Everyone is not getting the same vaccine. There are three versions. What is the difference between the three? Please explain.

Answer: They’re all mRNA vaccines. Johnson’s is just enclosed in an adenovirus shell.

Question: Is there a benefit with using one vaccine type over another? mRNA vs Viral Vector for the delivery method of the vaccine. Why now use mRNA instead of Viral Vector which has been in use for many decades?

Answer: mRNA has also been around for decades, just unfamiliar to the general public.

Question: Please discuss from the CDC website: fully vaccinated people who become infected with the Delta variant may be being able to spread the virus to others.

Answer: Their antibody level was low, thus needing a 3rd booster.

Question: I’m concerned about the preservatives/chemicals contained in the shots. Are there any alternatives available without the preservatives/chemicals?

Answer: The shot is very fragile, so the preservative keeps it from spoiling once it is opened.

Question: CDC website on “Key Things to Know” and “What We Are Still Learning” states people with weakened immune systems including people who take immunosuppressive medication may not be protected even if fully vaccinated.

Answer: The immunocompromised need a 3rd booster.

Question: Not tested long enough to know the effects, read the ingredients in the vaccine, some cause cancer in lab mice, why would we want these drugs in our bodies?

Answer: There is no evidence that the vaccine causes cancer in lab mice.

Question: How long does the mRNA last in the cells before breaking down? And how long does the body reproduce the spike protein?

Answer: The macrophages eliminate the mRNA and the spike protein antibody forms rapidly.

Question: Can you make those slides and sources available so that people can do their own further research?

Answer: The video is on the EverIncreasing Faith YouTube Channel.

Question: I believe the natural way would be more effective. Jesus gave us the power and authority to trample over scorpions and serpents and all the works of the enemies and that nothing by any means should hurt us. Psalm 91:7 says though a thousand may fall at your side, ten thousand at your right hand, it will not come near you. Fear not! Do not be afraid! The virus is not the enemy, It’s the Fear that is being spread, that is the Pandemic, Fear!

Answer: The Covid virus is the enemy, designed by Satan himself, with all of its destruction.

Question: What are the symptoms of this new strain? Are the symptoms the same as Covid-19?

Answer: The symptoms are worse, more deadly, faster deterioration. When God built the temple, He sent people with wisdom on how to build different parts of the temple. There are people today who have dedicated their lives to help fight this Covid pandemic. God says in Psalms 139:14 that our bodies are fearfully and wonderfully made. One of those body parts is the brain. Research represents discovering what God already knows. God gave people the wisdom to develop vaccines, medications, and treatments to help our physical body. You need your physical body to fulfill the calling that God has on your life. Today, people need the inspiration of the Word of God to help them through situations like what we are facing today. I am a Christian, and all I know about medicine and research I give glory and honor to God. The wisdom I have obtained is from God. I believe that sometimes as Christians we make the wrong stance and fight the wrong battles. The enemy is the Covid virus, not the vaccine nor the mask. The Word of God stands on its own. Allow God to work through people through their professions to help people. Let the Word of God help people in ways our profession cannot. We don’t need to speak against a profession, because the Word of God is more powerful than that. But, we must recognize that the wisdom that man has comes from God and not the enemy. The enemy would like many millions of people to die from this pandemic. He wants us to discount those that are dying and focus our attention on matters that are meant to help people. I have a calling on my life in the medical profession and research, just like someone who is called into the five-fold ministry.

Question: Also is mRNA considered artificial intelligence?

Answer: No.

Question: If you took the first dose, is it necessary to take the second dose?

Answer: Yes. The first dose only provides 30% protection.

Question: Knowing that the virus mutates, and hearing about booster shots, would the human body be so weak that the vaccines are purposely made not to be as strong or long lasting as the measles or chicken pox vaccines?

Answer: The vaccines are made to mount a strong defense against the spike protein.

Question: Is the COVID vaccine a New World Order? I personally have already taken the 1st dose of Pfizer.

Answer: No, it’s not a New World Order.

Question: What are the ingredients in the vaccine? And give a breakdown of what each drug in the vaccine does and is.

Answer: The mRNA is the only active ingredient, to code for the spike protein.

Question: Any thoughts on natural immunity after contracting Covid and recovering?

Answer: The natural immunity is only against one variant. The vaccine is against all variants.

Question: Much of what I hear is there is a lack of proof that vaccine is safe LONG TERM –mRNA may be the future of vaccine science but there is a lack of long term data used in humans to support its safety, right?

Answer: No. mRNA vaccine technology has been around for over 50 years.

Question: Can you address Antibody Dependent Enhancement after the vaccine?

Answer: Antibody Dependent Enhancement is not happening with the vaccine, because people who are vaccinated do not have more severe disease. In fact, the vaccinated have very mild disease, or none at all, if exposed.

Question: Can you address viral shedding after the Johnson and Johnson vaccine? If the person experiences side effects, is it possible that they are shedding viral pieces to those around them during those side effects?

Answer: No. There is no live or killed virus in the vaccine, so no viral shedding can take place.

Question: Was it in place because of the swine flu?

Answer: Covid has nothing to do with the swine flu.

Question: What was the purpose for developing mRNA from years past–for a vaccine or are mRNAs also used for different purposes? If so, what type of purposes?

Answer: For vaccines, but those diseases were never prevalent, so a vaccine was not needed.

Question: What about myocarditis in teens who have gotten the shot?

Answer: Mild myocarditis was seen in very few recipients, but they recovered.

Question: What about people who have severe effects from the vaccine?

Answer: They may have been dehydrated and need to drink plenty of fluids and take Extra Strength Tylenol every 6 hours.

Question: Are there going to be letters written for members that object to taking the vaccine for religious reasons?

Answer: No, each person will need to express what their own religious objections are to the vaccine as that is not the Church’s stance.

Question: My friend stated her doctor advised her not to take the vaccine due to her having asthma, is there any truth to this?

Answer: People with asthma are especially at risk of dying from Covid; they need the vaccine.

Question: It was stated that God gave Doctors this invention. mRNA had been studied before for the flu, rabies, Zika and CMV.

Answer: Yes, that is correct.

Question: There are other treatments that work, ivermectin, hq, zinc vitamin c

Answer: Ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine, zinc, and vitamin C do NOT treat Covid.

Question: What if a doctor says not to take the vaccine?

Answer: That doctor is misinformed.

Question: Some people are hesitant to take the vaccine because of the concern that vaccinations in newborns could cause conditions like autism, so the thought process is could it have long-term negative effects on us. Is there any validity to that? Others are concerned about the perceived quick release of the vaccination. Was the speed based on the global devastation the virus was causing? Is it based on old science? Was it tested? How is it similar to the influenza vaccine or does it differ? Many blacks aren’t interested because of Tuskegee.

Could you clear up the confusion surrounding the Tuskegee experiment and how it differs or is similar to the Covid vaccination. If one is concerned about receiving the vaccination, shouldn’t they be about anything else going in their body?

Answer: Vaccines have been proven that they do not cause autism. The mRNA vaccine has been 50 years in the making. The FDA approval will be granted once they can confirm its shelf life. The flu vaccine is the killed flu virus vs. mRNA which does not contain the Covid virus. Tuskegee was observing the effects of men already infected with syphilis who were not treated; there is no association with the Covid vaccine and Tuskegee. All the Covid vaccines are to help. Since the date of our symposium, the Pfizer vaccine has received full approval by the FDA.

Question: Is it true that people with blood type “O” are LESS likely to contract covid?

Answer: No.


Question: The number of deaths in children who had covid is 349, and the majority, if not all, had pre-existing health conditions like leukemia. Why is this vaccine being recommended for children, especially when there have been no safety studies done in this population AND when the manufacturers have no safety data with taking this vaccine with traditional childhood vaccines?

Answer: They did successful studies/clinical trials on children before approving it, and now children are dying from the Covid delta variant, so they need the vaccine, too.

Question: How do we know that the ingredients in the covid vaccine are safe to take with other vaccines when no testing has ever been done to determine this?

Answer: It has been proven that it is safe to take the Covid vaccine with other vaccines, just in the opposite arm-not the same arm as the Covid vaccine.

Question: As of this past Friday, VAERS reported 12,803 deaths after taking the vaccine 102,485 hospitalizations and prolonged hospitalizations, 26,583 life threatening adverse effects and hundreds of thousands of serious adverse reactions. Can we talk about this? Also, as of 8/15 there has been reported 37,435,835 cases of COVID in the US with 30,144,609 recoveries. That’s about a 98% recovery. Can we talk about that also? (Numbers taken from CDC and World Meter websites).

Answer: The VAERS stats reflect that the importance of hydration before and after the vaccine must be emphasized, along with Extra Strength Tylenol, not Advil or Motrin, so as not to offset the immune response. The recovery stats don’t acknowledge that many previously healthy people are still dying of Covid.

Question: So will we need to get a COVID vaccine every year like the flu shot if the spike protein leaves the body?

Answer: After the 3rd booster, it is believed that 100% lifelong immunity will be established.

Question: But it’s been found that natural immunity is exponentially more beneficial than vaccine immunity.

Answer: No, natural immunity from having had Covid is only against that one variant. The spike protein antibody is against all the variants.

Question: Explain why the vaccine has been said by virologists that it is increasing risk of disease that is not only corona virus but autoimmune disease?

Answer: That is not accurate.

Question: My nieces are not taking the vaccine because they have allergies.

Answer: It is safe for children with allergies. Just take their Epi-Pen to the vaccine site.

Question: What about the shot causing cancer in women with dense breast tissue?

Answer: That is not accurate.